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Released September 10, 2018

This latest version of SYSPRO ShopClock is fully compatible with SYSPRO 6.1 SP1, SYSPRO 7 and SYSPRO 8.  Note: this will be the last release of SYSPRO ShopClock to support SYSPRO 6.1 SP1 as it is now deemed to be a retired version.

Release notes for version

Release notes for version 10.2.011

Release notes for version 10.2.010

Release notes for version 10.2.009

Release notes for version 10.2.008

Customers upgrading to SYSPRO 7 must upgrade to the latest version of SYSPRO ShopClock (10 and higher). Please note, a new license for version 10 must be requested in order to upgrade to the latest version.  To upgrade or download the latest version, please contact your value added reseller or regional office.  

Need help with an older version? Click here for more details (login credentials needed)